Department of Biosciences


The vision of the Biosciences Department is two-fold:
  • To equip students with fundamental knowledge of classical and advanced topics in Life Sciences
  • To train students in modern, essential laboratory techniques and skills, with specialised focus on Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.


The curricula of the undergraduate and postgraduate programme offered by the Department of Biosciences equip students with fundamental knowledge in both classical and advanced topics in the discipline of biological sciences. The courses are extensive and are updated regularly to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field. The practicals are designed keeping in view the applications of the topics covered in the theory courses. The department endeavours to produce postgraduate students well-versed in the nuances of frontier areas in the life sciences, both in terms of theoretical knowledge and hands-on laboratory skills.
The department is currently being supported by UGC-SAP-DRS (level II); DST-FIST and DBT-BIF programmes sponsored by national level funding agencies. The department organizes colloquia, workshops, symposia and conferences to provide opportunies for students and faculty members to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in life sciences.
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