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Faculties & Departments

There are three academic faculties and ten departments at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. Each faculty has a full-time Dean and all departments have a full-time Head.
All views and recommendations of the respective Departments are forwarded by the Department Heads and Faculty Deans to the Directors of the Campuses, and these in turn are sent to the Vice-Chancellor for review and necessary action.
Directions on administrative policies are issued by the Board of Management. The Boards of Studies take note of the proposals from the concerned departments for introduction of new courses, revision of syllabi and other such matters, and forward their recommendations to the Academic Council for consideration and approval. In this manner, there are rigorous quality checks and control over all academic matters.
In line with the University’s philosophy of Integral Education, each academic department of SSSIHL ensures that the curriculum is embedded with measures to induce the all-round development of students’ personalities.
To take an example, the research thrust of the University is conceptualised with societal benefit in mind, and all research projects, regardless of department or subject area, incorporate this. This re-orients the focus of both the faculty and the students of that department towards the achievement of both academic excellence and social relevance.
The pages in this section give an overview of each Department of SSSIHL, including a list of courses offered, teaching and visiting faculty, thrust areas of teaching and research, facilities, workshops & conferences organized, projects and dissertations completed (during the last academic year) and special achievements.

Integrated Five-year Programmes

The university, from its inception, has provided for integrated five-year programmes combining undergraduate and postgraduate studies for a systematic coverage and graduated learning process. Students receive their Masters degree at the end of five years of study.

The curriculum which is followed in order to prepare you for the University Examination is just a bait to draw you into this higher curriculum of character formation and development of Universal Love. The acquisition of a few bits of information without the transformation that is necessary is, for you, a matter of pride, though there is very little justification for the same.

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